Monday, July 20, 2015

1.5 years

My 1.5 years of holiday is coming to an end in less than a month time. What had I gained during this near to 1.5 years? I asked myself. The reason to quit my job as a government servant and took a 1.5 years break was to find what I really want to do with my life as well as to fulfill my dream of studying abroad.

Ya, I said that I wanted to explore the field of plastic surgery and skin care in Korea but I later on realized that it is not I want to do. I had tried Korean skin care products but I still think that with the similar price, Japan still have products with better quality. Plastic surgery wise, I almost got a job too and ya, few more jobs too but there were mainly about translation rather than consultation. The one that I thought fine was a job that was able to communicate with foreign doctors, participating in seminars and etc but too bad I was not hired due to working visa problem.

After I am sure that I would not want to continue that path anymore, I started looking for scholarships for Master degree programs. With the experience of working in geriatric ward, I am particularly interested in rehabilitation as well as geriatric related illnesses eg, Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson disease. Again, I had found the university that offers this particular program but at the same time I was told that the scholarship that I planned to apply do not support this program. Well, it is expensive to study abroad, be it the tuition fees or the living expenses. Hence once again I have to reconsider everything again.

So after talking to family and friends, I decided to just come back home. So I will be coming back home before it is too late for me to start all over again with my limited working experience.

I had learnt so much within this 1.5 years. I suffered, accepted, and adapted to the changes. I met good friends and bad friends as well. I met people who treat me genuinely as well as people who took advantage of me. That is life I guess. Never try, never know.

I learnt to eat alone in the restaurant, loiter around, shopping, drinking etc and even went to concert by myself. It is kind of amazing because I have never eat alone in a restaurant or drink alone at home before I came here. Started talking to strangers too and sharing stories. Despite sharing the joyful stories, we do shared about our worries and problems too. And I am so glad that my opinions helped. I always thought that my way of analyzing and solving problem is similar to others but it turned out that the people here are kind of surprised with that. I guess it must be the difference of society's background.

What amazed me the most is how all these made me realized that is how lucky am I to be born in this family with my ever supportive loved ones. I am so thankful to be brought up in an education background by my family which helped me to sail through the obstacles.

Something from the temple stay experience that I would like to remind myself all the time throughout my life:
Everything arise from a condition,
It will stay for awhile be it long or short period of time,
and It will change,
and End.
Nothing stays forever.

And when you face a problem, do not be denial, acknowledge the problem, analyze it and find the solution to it.

Well, I know action is harder than words. Try doing it. You can do it!

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